Which level of training do you need?


What kind of hypnotherapy course are you looking for? What do you want to do with your skills when you finish the course? What is involved at each level? 

 We're sure you have lots of questions, these and others, and want to help you answer them. Here's a brief guide to the courses we offer along with some suggestions about deciding which one is right for you.

Taster Days

These are one-day introductions to hypnosis and hypnotherapy.
No preparation or reading is required and there is no assessment.
These are usually held in Normanton, West Yorkshire, near junction 31 of the M62, no matter where you intend to undertake our longer courses. At the moment, because of COVID restrictions, they are being held online via Zoom.

Suitable for - anyone seriously considering hypnotherapy training but not yet quite sure it's right for them, or anyone who wants to meet out tutor and ask lots of questions - see the details here

Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training

Our most popular course.

At the practitioner level, we work entirely under the Voluntary Regulations for Hypnotherapy. (You can find out more about why on our FAQS page.) This means that by the end of our course you will be confident and experienced in using your new skills and ready to begin your professional life as a hypnotherapist. It also means that both Foundation and Practitioner Level hypnotherapy courses have two main elements; classroom work and independent study.

The voluntary regulations state you should have a total of around 450 hours including at least 120 hours of face-to-face tuition. (If you are comparing courses, make sure they actually offer this.) We offer 130 hours, split into 20 classroom days in the following ways:

Suitable for - those who want to qualify and practice as professional hypnotherapists - see the details here


Foundation Level Hypnotherapy Training

The voluntary regs don't cover foundation level training; however, our accreditors require you to have a total of 200 hours including at least 48 hours face to face tuition. We actually offer 52 hours, split into 8 classroom days in the following ways:

Foundation level is also the first four modules of the practitioner course, so it can be completed as a stand-alone course or upgraded to practitioner level at any time, even after a break.

Suitable for - those who want an in-depth knowledge of hypnosis and some hypnotherapy skills but not necessarily to practice as hypnotherapists. Some people sign up for Foundation level if they might be interested in practitioner training but prefer to commit to a shorter course first. Others want to use the course for personal development or to add some hypnotherapy skills to an existing therapy such as stress management, counselling, coaching etc. See the details here.



And finally

As you'll have seen if you are considering Foundation or Practitioner level, we offer a choice of attendance patterns. Whichever you choose, the number of classroom hours and the content of the lessons will be identical. Training course start dates for the various options and venues are here.