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Our students need to complete case studies as part of their assessment and throughout the course, they need to practice their developing skills. Many are in need of volunteers to work with - if you would like to take part, please contact the school.

Can you become a volunteer?



  1. Volunteers need to be over the age of 18 and in generally good physical and mental health. You may be asked to obtain your GP's permission to undertake hypnotherapy.

  2. At different times of the year, our students need volunteers to ...
    1. experience hypnosis, so they can practice different ways of achieving trance
    2. talk about their issues, so they can practice questioning and listening skills
    3. work with issues so they can complete case studies, suitable topics are
      • motivation and goal achievement (e.g. sports, career)
      • stress
      • anxiety
      • phobias
      • unwanted habits
      • smoking cessation
      • weight loss

3. The majority of our students live within easy travelling distance of Wakefield and York

4. Students are (obviously) only allowed to practice techniques they've already covered on the course. You need to be flexible about when you undertake your therapy. There is also a limited number of students available.

5. Students can contact a tutor for advice, and they are not allowed to charge a fee for their practice hours. However, they are students - which means inexperienced. We cannot guarantee any specific outcome for the therapy you undertake with them. (Although come to that, experienced therapists can't offer guarantees either).

6. Our decision as to whether or not to allow you to work with students is final.



If you would like to volunteer, please complete the form HERE telling us more about you and the issue you'd like to address.


Still not sure? You can read a volunteer's experience of working with our students here.


If you want to deal with other issues, prefer to see someone already qualified and experienced, or cannot be flexible with when you undertake your hypnotherapy, we recommend you contact one of our graduates.





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