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Course text books

course text books


Our recommended texts are chosen to be approachable but thorough, and we've aimed to balance getting the best information with the need for a reasonable cost. 

There are Amazon links to make finding the books as easy for you as possible, and we have a small number of second-hand books for sale. Please see here for an up to date list. 

This video will take you through the book list and suggest which are the best titles to start off with, and which to leave till later, and if you prefer to read than watch, you can access a transcript..

button - click to access a transcript of this chat about the booklist


Required reading


All students will receive a copy of Debbie Waller's book 'Their Worlds, Your Words', free of charge at module one.

  • If you are only doing the Foundation level, you'll need the above plus one book noted as suitable for Foundation level from section A or B.
  • If you are doing Practitioner level, look at sections A and B.
  • Section C is to help you build your library as you develop special interests, decide to read further as a student or want books to use as part of your professional development when in practice

This list is updated from time to time as new books arrive on the market, last updated December 2020.


Section A. Therapy scripts

We'd recommend all our students to have the Roger Allen book, plus the Lynda Hudson one if your budget allows. 


Section B. Building your skills

We'd recommend that all students who are going on to Practitioner level purchase the Hypnotherapist's Companion, plus at least one of the other books, as your budget allows.

  • Waller, Debbie (2020) The Hypnotherapist's Companion Ann Jaloba Publishing - can be purchased directly from Debbie cheaper than Amazon.
    A practical guide to practice, covering therapy skills and business development, and troubleshooting. Most relevant for Practitioner level students.

  • Farr, Tracy. (2018) A Creative Guide to Therapeutic Metaphor  Ann Jaloba Publishing.
    How to write an inspired metaphor; a fun interactive guide for hypnotherapists. Good for either Foundation or Practitioner level students.

  • Anthology (2014)  The Hypnotherapy Handbook Helping Handbooks, Yorks.
    A variety of chapters by different authors (including our own Debbie Waller) on how to deal with many common issues you'll meet as a hypnotherapist along with marketing and self-care advice. Most relevant for Practitioner level students.


Section C. Building your library

If you want to build your library further here are our recommendations to get you started. However, it's a good idea to wait till you've covered the relevant areas of your training before deciding which ones you want. Some are quite specialist and will be of no use unless you decide to work in that area.
The tutor's copies will be available to view during our course, giving you a chance to browse through them before you decide which ones you wish to add to your own collection. We've also included brief notes to help you choose the titles of most interest to you.

  • Barber, Tom & Westland, Sandra. Thinking Therapeutically Crown House Publishing, Wales
    Two experienced hypnotherapists talk you through some of their cases and compare approaches, particularly useful for Practitioner level students around case study and graduation time if you want to see how the same issue can be approached in different ways.
  • Ewin, Dabney M. 101 Things I Wish I'd Known When I Started Using Hypnosis Crown House Publishing, Wales
    Silly title but an easy book to read and to dip in and out of, very useful tips and information. Good for general background reading.
  • Hunter C Roy.  The Art of Hypnosis Crown House Publishing, Wales
  • A good general introduction to hypnotic inductions and the nature of hypnosis. Most relevant to the Foundation level modules.
  • Hunter, C Roy. The Art of Hypnotherapy Crown House Publishing, Wales
    A good general introduction to hypnotherapy skills and training, useful for Practitioner or Foundation level students
  • Hudson, Lynda. Scripts and Strategies in Hypnotherapy with Children  Crown House Publishing, Wales
    Information and techniques for those wishing to work with children aged 5 to 15. Most suited to Practitioner level students
  • Miller, Philip.The Really Good Fun Cartoon Book of NLP Crown House Publishing, Wales
    Good on communication skills and reading non-verbal communication, particularly useful if therapy is a new area for you, useful for Practitioner or Foundation level students.
  • Pearson, Judith. Weight, Hypnotherapy and You Crown House Publishing, Wales.
    A complete weight control system including session plans, handouts, scripts and homework for clients 
  • Silvester, Trevor. Wordweaving: The Science of Suggestion Quest Institute, UK
    A complex and detailed look at hypnotic language patterns and the art of suggestion.
  • Waterfield, Robin Hidden Depths: The Story of Hypnosis Routledge
    A thorough and entertaining text on the history of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, general background reading most relevant to module one.
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